Health Benefits of Consuming Earl Grey Tea

Are you looking for a flavourful afternoon tea? Earl Grey can serve you right. Earl Grey is a quintessentially flavourful British tea. This black tea is flavoured with oil from the rind of bergamot orange, a hybrid of bitter Seville orange and sweet lime. When done right, the blend of bergamot and black tea gives this tea an exquisite taste that is a delight in the morning, afternoon and at night. Keep reading as we explore three health benefits of consuming this tea.

3 Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

In addition to its unique taste, Earl Grey tea is known for its potential health benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Improves digestion – Earl Grey tea contains compounds, such as flavonoids and tannins, that help improve digestion and alleviate digestive issues such as bloating and constipation.

2. Help with weight loss – Research shows that Earl Grey tea can aid in weight loss and weight management. This tea contains caffeine which boosts metabolism and increases fat burning. In addition, the polyphenol compounds in the tea help the body burn more calories and fat. 3. Improve heart health- Earl Grey tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and improving blood vessel function.


Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill Gate is a significant street in the Notting Hill neighbourhood of the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, United Kingdom. The intersection of Bayswater Road, Holland Park Avenue, Kensington Church Street, and Pembridge Road is where you’ll find it. Because it was formerly a bustling route where tolls were collected, the street was once known as “Toll Gate Lane.”

In addition to its many stores, restaurants, and cafés, the street is also home to many bars and nightclubs. There are also several enterprises that cater to a more specific market, such as those that offer rare recordings and antiques.


Central, District, and Circle lines all stop at Notting Hill Gate, the primary Tube station in the neighbourhood. You can also take the Hammersmith and City line or the Circle line to Westbourne Park or Ladbroke Grove and then walk down Portobello Road towards the road. In addition to the subway, the route is served by a number of buses from all across London.


Hillgate Village, with its vividly painted rowhouses, can be found just to the south of Notting HillGate, while Campden Hill Road and Kensington Church Street may be found to the south as well. From the subway entrance heading north, you may take Pembridge Road all the way to Westbourne Grove. This area is likely to be lively, thanks to the nearby Portobello Road market and the popularity of the movie Notting Hill.

Royal London Guide I

If you are a royal fan visiting the UK, your visit will not be complete without a tour of Royal London. Here is a handy guide of what to see.

Westminster Abbey – An iconic building

The Abbey has been the setting for every coronation held since 1066 from William the Conqueror through to Queen Elizabeth II. The historic and one of the most iconic buildings in the world has been the centre stage for more than 1,000 years of British tradition. The Royal Church is also a World Heritage Site and offers daily services for all. Apart from coronations, it also offers royal weddings, hosts queens, kings, statesmen, soldiers, heroes and poets. This is where history happens and it is all there to be discovered by those visiting the Abbey. 

st James’s Park – home to Horse Guards Parade and the Mall

The Park is centred at the heart of Westminster. It is one of the eight Royal Parks in London. The magnificent 57 acre Royal Park also acts as the home to the Horse Guards Parade and the Mall. It also provides its visitors with spectacular views of monuments such as the Duke of York Statue and the majestic Queen Victoria Memorial. It is surrounded by iconic monuments such as the Clarence House, Buckingham Palace and Whitehall. 

Dean Street Townhouse – a residence that was once home to aristocratic families

The Townhouse is a Georgian residence that was built in 1732. It was once home to several aristocratic families, as well as Nell Gwynne, who was a mistress to King Charles II. Presently, it is now part of the Soho House Group as an upscale boutique hotel, where guests can experience traditional British style.

A short tourist guide to Assumption Cathedral Bangkok

The Southeast Asia country of Thailand attracts loads of visitors and the Assumption Cathedral is listed as a top attraction, but more so for those who wish to have a meaningful, spirit-filled experience.

Thailand is hot throughout the year, and it’s why it’s important to choose your accommodation carefully. You want to be cool and energetic so as not to miss out on all the attractions in Bangkok. It’s why the Landmark Bangkok Hotel is such a drawcard.

The hotel is one of the luxury air-conditioned hotels in the centre of Bangkok, and while it is close to the main business, shopping and entertainment areas in the city, it is a cool oasis of comfort and wellbeing.

No problem with getting around Bangkok

The hotel is close to everything you want to see, what with the Nana BTS Skytrain Station being on its doorstep. Because it is situated along Sukhumvit Road, getting to highlight attractions is a breeze.

Assumption Cathedral is a landmark in the city of Bangkok and the traditional Thai-styled church was completed in1821. It was named Assumption Cathedral and is found in the courtyard of Assumption College.

The cathedral’s main entrance looks towards the Chao Phraya River. Other architectural aspects to take note of are the piers and columns, the buttresses, and the semicircular arches for openings.

When you’re in the cathedral, you experience tranquility. There is also a crypt beneath the sanctuary, where past missionaries and bishops lie.

Make sure you stay in a fully-equipped hotel with all the mod cons you’d expect from a hotel in this glitzy city.

By Chainwit. – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Three Famous London Cocktails and How to Make Them Properly

London is a city famous for a large number of different reasons, but have you ever thought about the connection that England’s capital has to cocktails? Cocktails are more popular now than they have been for decades, so there is no better time to educate yourself on some of the very best that the city has to offer. If you ever get the chance to visit the Park Lounge Bar at the iconic Royal Lancaster London hotel, here are three examples of famous cocktails that you might sample.

  1. The White Lady – One for Gin Lovers

● 50ml gin

● 25ml Cointreau

● 15ml lemon juice

● ½ fresh egg white

This is a simple and delicious cocktail to prepare. Including the fresh egg white, combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake to create a thick foam. Add ice to the shaker after this first shake, leaving to chill. Once chilled, pour into a pre-chilled glass and garnish with a twist of lemon peel. The White Lady cocktail is the epitome of London sophistication.

  1. Espresso Martini – One for Coffee Lovers

● 100ml vodka

● 50ml freshly brewed espresso coffee

● 50ml coffee liqueur

● 4 coffee beans

Another cocktail where all of the ingredients can be thrown into your shaker together, this time with the ice already present. Shake for a longer time to create a thick, foamy combination that smells strongly of sweet coffee. A good tip is to shake until the shaker feels too cold to the touch on the outside. Finish the classy look of the cocktail by pouring into a chilled glass and garnishing with the four coffee beans.

  1. Black Velvet – A London Classic with Celtic Flair

● Guinness

● Champagne

The beauty of the Black Velvet cocktail is in its total simplicity. All you need to make the perfect Black Velvet is some Guinness, some Champagne and a classic flute glass. The measures are easy to remember because they are simply half and half. Start by pouring the slightly thicker Guinness up to halfway, and then finish off the drink by bringing Champagne up to the top of the flute. The two ingredients come together to create a rich, luxurious, almost creamy finish that is the perfect combination of London luxury and traditional Irish flavours. Especially perfect if you are planning on being in London on St. Patrick’s Day!

Why is Vitamin C so Good for Your Skin?

We’ll have a look at the nutrient and why it is important for the health of your skin.

The K West Hotel & Spa aims to ensure that you always look and feel your best, whether you spend the night or just visit the day spa. We offer a range of treatments that are designed to enhance and complement your own health and beauty routines. We also spend time educating you on what your regimen should involve and what nutrients are important.

One nutrient we highlight is vitamin C. It is vital to your body in many ways and is important for healthy skin – here’s why.

It Treats Sun Damage

You know that spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen can lead to sunburn, but it can also cause photodamage on your skin. This UV damage can cause changes at the cellular level, which is what leads to skin cancer. Using topical vitamin C can help reverse the look of photodamage and making sure to eat foods that contain vitamin C offers protection from future sun damage, though you should always wear SPF when you’re outside.

Vitamin C Can Neutralise Free Radicals

Free radicals can be found in the environment as well as a poor diet and can lead to cellular changes that encourage the growth of skin cancer as well as the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. By boosting vitamin C in your body, you can neutralize those free radical damages and fight the problems they can cause.

Fight the Signs of Aging

One of the common reasons to visit a spa is to fight off the signs of ageing. No one wants to look older than they are, but it’s inevitable that fine lines and wrinkles will appear as you age. Vitamin C can help slow the process down. Because it contains antioxidants, it helps keep your skin fresh, plump and young looking. At the same time, vitamin C helps boost collagen and elastin production, which plumps up skin and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll get the best results if you use topical vitamin C and add foods that contain vitamin C to your meal plan. That includes citrus fruits, bell peppers, and kiwis.

It Treats Dark Spots

Another thing that happens as you age or are exposed to the sun is that you may see discoloured spots forming on your skin. Vitamin C does double duty by inhibiting melanin production, which keeps more dark spots from forming. It also helps lighten those that are already visible, evening out your skin tone and creating a smooth complexion.

As you can see, vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that your skin needs to look and feel its best. Ensure you get enough in your diet and take supplements if necessary/desired.

The history of Chatuchak market and what to buy

Chatuchak Market in Thailand covers almost 35 acres of land and has over 15,00 stalls. This makes it the largest market in the world. Here you can find almost anything, with goods coming from all over the country and even as far as South East Asia. While it first started as a market for locals to go shopping, it has evolved into a huge attraction, attracting attracts up to 200,000 tourists during weekends. It is now even considered as a must visit for anyone coming to Bangkok. Here we look at where it traces its origins from, and some of the popular goods and items you can buy.

a) History of Chatuchak Market

The origin of Chatuchak Market can be traced to Field Marshall Phibulsongkram. He was Thailand’s Prime Minister from 1938-1957. He proposed to have a market built in every province in the country. This was to promote growth by encouraging trade, and thus boosting economic prosperity. This resulted in the first market of its kind in Bangkok set up at Sanam Luang in 1942. However, the market was moved over the years to different locations. It was relocated to its now permanent location back in in 1982.

b) How to make your stay enjoyable?

To enjoy an unforgettable visit at Chatuchak Market, it is advisable to plan as early as possible. This means getting your accommodation and transport plans taken care of in advance. One of the choices you can look into is affordable serviced apartments or hotels such as those in Lancaster Bangkok. This will ensure you get to your destination fast and easily, and also enjoy the professional services offered at a five –star hotel.

c) What to buy

Even with its overwhelming size, the market is divided into 27 sections to make it easier for customers and tourists to easily find their way. The sections are colour coded to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. For example, section 1 deals with books, cafes, food shops and amulets, while section 2-4 deals with plants, gardening home décor and so on. You can find this information from the Chatuchak Market website, or ask around to be directed by the various guards located at different locations in the market. After spending a day at the market, you will be presented with a wide range of dining and drinking options.