If you are a royal fan visiting the UK, your visit will not be complete without a tour of Royal London. Here is a handy guide of what to see.

Westminster Abbey – An iconic building

The Abbey has been the setting for every coronation held since 1066 from William the Conqueror through to Queen Elizabeth II. The historic and one of the most iconic buildings in the world has been the centre stage for more than 1,000 years of British tradition. The Royal Church is also a World Heritage Site and offers daily services for all. Apart from coronations, it also offers royal weddings, hosts queens, kings, statesmen, soldiers, heroes and poets. This is where history happens and it is all there to be discovered by those visiting the Abbey. 

st James’s Park – home to Horse Guards Parade and the Mall

The Park is centred at the heart of Westminster. It is one of the eight Royal Parks in London. The magnificent 57 acre Royal Park also acts as the home to the Horse Guards Parade and the Mall. It also provides its visitors with spectacular views of monuments such as the Duke of York Statue and the majestic Queen Victoria Memorial. It is surrounded by iconic monuments such as the Clarence House, Buckingham Palace and Whitehall. 

Dean Street Townhouse – a residence that was once home to aristocratic families

The Townhouse is a Georgian residence that was built in 1732. It was once home to several aristocratic families, as well as Nell Gwynne, who was a mistress to King Charles II. Presently, it is now part of the Soho House Group as an upscale boutique hotel, where guests can experience traditional British style.


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