The history of Chatuchak market and what to buy

Chatuchak Market in Thailand covers almost 35 acres of land and has over 15,00 stalls. This makes it the largest market in the world. Here you can find almost anything, with goods coming from all over the country and even as far as South East Asia. While it first started as a market for locals to go shopping, it has evolved into a huge attraction, attracting attracts up to 200,000 tourists during weekends. It is now even considered as a must visit for anyone coming to Bangkok. Here we look at where it traces its origins from, and some of the popular goods and items you can buy.

a) History of Chatuchak Market

The origin of Chatuchak Market can be traced to Field Marshall Phibulsongkram. He was Thailand’s Prime Minister from 1938-1957. He proposed to have a market built in every province in the country. This was to promote growth by encouraging trade, and thus boosting economic prosperity. This resulted in the first market of its kind in Bangkok set up at Sanam Luang in 1942. However, the market was moved over the years to different locations. It was relocated to its now permanent location back in in 1982.

b) How to make your stay enjoyable?

To enjoy an unforgettable visit at Chatuchak Market, it is advisable to plan as early as possible. This means getting your accommodation and transport plans taken care of in advance. One of the choices you can look into is affordable serviced apartments or hotels such as those in Lancaster Bangkok. This will ensure you get to your destination fast and easily, and also enjoy the professional services offered at a five –star hotel.

c) What to buy

Even with its overwhelming size, the market is divided into 27 sections to make it easier for customers and tourists to easily find their way. The sections are colour coded to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. For example, section 1 deals with books, cafes, food shops and amulets, while section 2-4 deals with plants, gardening home décor and so on. You can find this information from the Chatuchak Market website, or ask around to be directed by the various guards located at different locations in the market. After spending a day at the market, you will be presented with a wide range of dining and drinking options.